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Dunedin, New Zealand

Oct 27 – 28

After a 5 hour hike and a long drive, we arrived in Dunedin around 10am. We were really hungry, super tired, and we had no idea where we were going to find a hostel that would let us in so late. Luckily we found one – The Elm Lodge, a great hostel at the top of a big hill. The sign said to call for emergencies only. Not really sure if a lack of a place to stay qualifies as an “emergency”, but we called anyway and they were cool with it.

We were so exhausted by the time we got to our rooms, but we managed to make some soup and toast before going to sleep.

The hostel was cozy. They had a big fluffy cat.

And each person got a hot water bottle to put in their bed (this is apparently quite common in England, but to Sam’s shock…I’ve never used one before. It sure beats sleeping on an exploding heading pad!).

The next day, I did all my laundry and hung it all up to dry. I also dried my tent (which was still went from camping in Te Anau). Then I scoped out some vegan restaurants. I went to Potpourri and ordered some vegan pakoras for takeaway.

Then I went swung by the Circadian Rhythm Vegan Cafe. They have an $8 vegan buffet and live music on the weekends. Looked amazing, but unfortunately it was closed for labor day.

Dunedin is a lively college town and I really liked the feel of it. I could have spent many more days exploring it but I sadly I had to move on. I spent most of my day in Dunedin walking down the main streets and going to the botanic gardens.

The botanic gardens were massive and they were set on a large hill overlooking the city. It was a sunny day (the first day I was able to walk around in a t-shirt) and everyone seemed to be at the botanic gardens reading or studying or napping. If I lived in Dunedin, I’d spend lots of time in the grass at the botanic gardens.

Walking around town, I heard guitar music coming out of several different houses and I saw lots paintings and wheatpasted images on the walls (also good signs that this is a fun place to be).

Miguel was having another vegan potluck that evening and I was really excited to get to call and talk to everyone. Sadly, I was way on the other side of town and by the time I made it back to the hostel to call, it was 1am and everyone had already left. I at least got to talk to Miguel (Aww…I miss him).

The next day Malte and I woke up at 6am and walked into town to catch the bus to Christchurch. It was a 6hr bus ride and I slept most of the way.

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