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South Western Australia Trip (Bridgetown, Margaret River, Busselton, Pemberton, Cape Leeuwin)

Nov 7 – 9

Some people were heading down south for the weekend, so I decided to go with them. We were 12 in total and we all met at Blair’s house, then left in three different cars. People on the trip were: Dhugal, Blair, Rohan, and Jes from Australia; Maria from Indonesia; Steph from Canada; Micha from Germany; David from China; Mia and Karel from South Africa; and me and Apryl from the US.

The excursion was to Bridgetown (about 3 or 4 hours southwest of Perth) for the Blues at Bri

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  1. Lela

     /  November 21, 2008

    Hi there! Just thought I’d say hi and I’m sooooo glad that you updated. I was wondering this morning when you would next update. Those birds are beautiful, but they act like grackles, which is another way Perth is like Austin! Thinking of you and looking forward to the next post.

  2. Kim

     /  November 22, 2008

    Hey Cristen! Loved your new pictures as they are always so great…Also, thanks for the tip on rip currents as I actually read what to do. I am also glad you didn’t confront the fisherman as your intuition told you not to mess with him. Maybe he will flip flop in the next life. 😉

  3. Rhianon

     /  November 23, 2008

    Oh my gosh, all those signs…they didn’t let you guys have ANY fun! 😉

  4. mitch namy

     /  November 25, 2008

    hi,cristen. i’m with you everywhere you go.. you are a great photo- journalist.. god bless.

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