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All posts for the month August, 2008

Titaya’s Thai Cusine

I really love Titaya’s Thai Cuisine. The restaurant is clean and comfortable, they have a great lunch special ($6.50, M-F from 11:00am to 3:00pm), and food portions are large and delicious. Another thing I like about this place is that when you order something extra spicy, they take you seriously and add lots of spice […]

Bombay Express

I just discovered Bombay Express recently because a coworker recommended it to me. (thanks Dale!) It’s located near Curry in Hurry on Parmer Lane, although it’s just off of I35. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00am to 9:00pm. Like Curry in Hurry, Bombay Express also unfortunately uses Styrofoam containers and plastic silverware. Food is […]

New Page – Food Reviews

If you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant with me, you’ve probably noticed that I always photograph my food. This is so I can write food reviews for each place I visit. There are lots of sites that review restaurants, but not many sites that review them from a vegan perspective. This is my goal. You’ll […]

Taqueria La Canaria

Taqueria la Canaria is a little taco stand on Airport and 51st street. I used to pass it every day to go to work. One day I decided to stop and check it out. Although it is a very meat heavy place, their beans are vegetarian (no lard, no meat stock) and both the beans […]

Traveling Around the World!

I’ve always loved traveling. Apparently when I was in Montessori school (a form of teaching that emphasizes self directed learning), my mom had to confront the teacher because I would come home each day with the same maps that I had meticulously colored the day before. The teacher just shrugged and said, “That’s all she […]

My Kitty Needs a Temporary Home!

Hey all. While I’m on the topic of cats, my kitty needs a temporary home! If any of you know of a good person for the job, please please let me know! Here are the details: I am leaving the country at the end of September and will be traveling around the world for exactly […]

Kitten Rescue Update

I while back, I wrote a blog post about some terribly injured kittens that I found and was taking care of. Since then, I’ve been getting lots of emails from people wondering how they’re doing. I realized it’s been a year since I’ve written about these little guys, so it’s definitely time for an update. […]

Curry in Hurry – Austin, TX

Soon I will be leaving Austin for a year. Before I leave, I’m going to try to write a brief review of all the Austin food places I like. I’ll start with Curry in Hurry. Curry in Hurry offers great Indian lunch meals at a decent price. Each meal is about $6 and you get […]

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