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All posts for the month October, 2008

Te Anau and Milford Sound, New Zealand

Oct 22 – 25 I got to Te Anau with no clue what I was going to do there. I kinda just felt like I needed to hop on a bus and go someplace new. Te Anau was only an hour or so away from Queenstown and there was an afternoon bus, so it seemed […]

Queenstown, New Zealand

Oct 21 – 22 While walking to the bus stop in Fox, I met a really fun woman named Sam. She complimented me on my packing skills, as she was struggling to carry her backpack, several different bags, and a guitar. It turns out we were both heading to Queenstown, so we talked the entire […]

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, New Zealand

Since I’m behind on posting, I’m going to start each post with the actual dates the post is referring to. I also have a few more pictures to add to this post, but the Internet is slow, so I’ll do it later. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Oct 18-20 I couldn’t decide between Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier, […]

Away for a Year

Hey all. As much as I love writing about Austin, I will be away from Austin for a year (and so will be taking a year long hiatus from this blog). I will still be writing, but I’ll be devoting my energy to my travel blog. There are also sections on my new site dedicated […]

Nelson and Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

I know I’m a little backed up on my posts, but I’ll get caught up soon. I’ve been meeting people non stop and it’s hard to find a spare few hours to upload pictures and write blog posts. Also, cheap, fast Internet access is hard to come by. OK – enough excuses. This post is […]

Pretty Picton and Sunny Nelson, New Zealand

Oct 9 – 10 In the guidebooks, Picton is described as the marine gateway to the South Island. Anyone who travels from the North Island to the South Island (unless they travel by plane) invariably passes through Picton. Because I had the impression that Picton is merely a passageway to bigger and better things, I […]

Taupo to Wellington, New Zealand

Oct 8 – 9 I left Taupo Wednesday night and got on the 1am bus. I was freezing the entire bus ride and tried to curl up in a ball to sleep. It worked for a little while…but just for a little while. I arrived in Wellington at 7am. I was too tired to compare […]

Auckland to Taupo, New Zealand

A quick note: Uploading pictures is terribly slow. So as not to get behind on my blog posting, I’ll probably just publish the words and add photos as they become available. You can check back on my old posts to see if I’ve added new photos to them. ——————————————————– Oct 6 – 8 Monday morning […]

LA to Auckland, New Zealand

Oct 3 – 5 Auckland is great. There is so much to do here. There are also 3 or 4 people in the same room as me at any given time. Both of these things make it a little difficult to spend enough time on a computer to write a well thought out blog post. […]

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