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All posts for the month April, 2009

Back in Hanoi, Vietnam

Jan 17- 20 The night bus from Hue ended up in Hanoi around 6 or 7am. All of the tourists who had booked the bus tickets through travel agents or their hotels were told that the extra charge was because we would be dropped off directly at the lake in the city center (rather than […]

Saigon, Vietnam

Jan 12 – 14 I boarded the plane with Kim to Saigon. She didn’t even have her passport with her (she forgot it at her mom’s house), but they let her on the plane anyway because she’s a nun! Luckily she’s a benevolent one with no plans to terrorize the airport. Traveling with her always […]

Hue, Vietnam

Jan 5 – 11, 15-16 The night bus to Hue lurched forward along potholed roads and made scary squealing noises as it wove around motorbikes. Despite the fact that the bus driver slammed on the horn every few minutes and sometimes I would wake up out of fear that we were going to tip over […]

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