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All posts for the month June, 2009

Chiang Khong, Thailand and Huay Xai, Laos

Feb 19, 20 After taking a bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, Miguel and I arrived in Chiang Khong. Immediately after getting off the bus, we saw a sign posted outside a convenience store and followed the directions. They led us to a great guest house right on the Mekong River. Nice people, great […]

Pai, Thailand

Feb 14 – 17 After leaving Pun Pun and You Sabai, Miguel and our motorbike were both feeling sick, so we drove back to Chiang Mai to fix everyone all up. It turned out that our motorbike just needed to be on a different setting (not sure about the technical stuff…but it wasn’t sick) and […]

Mae Taeng, Pun Pun and You Sabai Organic Farms, Thailand

Feb 12 – 13 From Chiang Mai, Miguel and I departed on a motorbike trip. We didn’t have set plans, but had a few destinations in mind. We left one big backpack at a guest house in Chiang Mai and stuffed all the rest of our things into mine. We were told it might be […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Feb 10 – 11, 13, 18-19 After a long night bus from Bangkok, Miguel and I arrived in Chiang Mai. It was still dark outside. And annoyingly, our bus dropped us off just outside of town and we all had to pile into songthaews (which conveniently dropped us all off in front of a hotel/travel […]

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Feb 3 – 6 Miguel and I set out in the morning for our first big motorbike trip. We were heading to Khao Sok National Park, about 120 km from Surat Thani. We left most of our stuff at the hotel in Surat Thani and it felt nice to only be traveling with a small […]

Surat Thani, Thailand

Feb 2 -3, Feb 7 After eating at our favorite vegetarian restaurant in Trang, Miguel and I piled into a minibus headed to Surat Thani. We were tired and didn’t want to walk around much with our bags, so rather than checking out a few rooms and comparing, we settled for the first cheap place we could […]

A Few More Days in India

I’ll be spending a few more days in India. I like it here. So rather than leaving Mumbai on June 17th, I’ll now be leaving on the 21st. You can check my route to see the changes. Sorry for being so slow with the blog posts (I haven’t forgotten that I still have Thailand, Laos, […]

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