We are two Austin folks who enjoy fun times and good vegan food.

This blog serves as a platform for posting food photos, recipes, vegan resources, and updates on our experimental cooking endeavors. We will also post ideas, articles, Austin-centric information, and any other interesting things we do or discover.

Please send us a message. We are open to any comments or suggestions.

We used to host a vegan potluck every other Sunday, but we haven’t been having them as often lately. Everyone is welcome, so check our Team Feed Everyone blog for updates.

Cristen recently returned from a long trip and decided a section of her site to vegan friendly world travel.  Check it out!


About Cristen:


Hi. I’m a 25-year-old female living in Austin, Texas. I have spent my whole life in Austin and can’t seem to leave. I like bicycling, traveling, cooking, crocheting, couchsurfing, taking pictures, having vegan potlucks, and most of all eating. I eat absolutely anything…except things that are products of animals.

Many people are skeptical of my meat and dairy free diet, and I think the most effective way to change their minds is through my cooking. I love introducing people to new foods they have never tried before, and as a result, proving that a plant-based diet can be full of flavor and variety. Because many ethnic foods are naturally more vegan friendly than the typical southern cuisine, I believe that veganism/vegetarianism also encourages cultural awareness.

In my opinion, reading food labels and researching ingredients shouldn’t be an activity strictly reserved for vegans/vegetarians/dieters/heath nuts. Some things are just plain gross…and even potentially harmful. Everyone should care about what they put into their bodies.

I am constantly learning new things and I hope to use this blog as a method for sharing my newfound knowledge with others.

About Miguel:

Hi. I’m Miguel. I grew up in Eagle Pass and have spent most of my life in Austin. I love riding bikes, hosting vegan potlucks, and playing in a band with my friends.

Because I am lactose intolerant, I have always avoided dairy. This was never for ethical reasons–It was simply because it made me sick. Recently I have thought of the other issues pertaining to food production and consumption and I started cutting meat out of my diet as well. After discovering the many meat and dairy alternatives that are avaliable, I began veganizing my old favorites. I learned that I can make great chili rellenos, carne guisada, picadillo, chorizo, queso, shepherd’s pie, biscuits and gravy, fideo, veggie burgers, and many other foods, without using any animal ingredients. I am always experimenting with new ideas and I take pride in sharing my food creations with those around me.