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  1. lizette

     /  October 15, 2008

    hi! :) we went to Austin last wk-end and we missed you!!! p.s. you’re site is awesome!

  2. Portokalakis George

     /  November 6, 2008

    Vegetarian vacations in Greece

    Greece based tour operator:


    Vegetarian – Vegan and culinary travel in Greece

    Thank you


    Portokalakis George

  3. daniela

     /  November 14, 2008

    hola chica,

    miss you. your blog and pictures are awsome. email me your itenerary if you can. i’d like to meet you. possibly twice. but gotta know where you’ll be.


  4. Ryane

     /  December 9, 2008

    What you are doing and writing is amazing! What type of camera do you use? Every picture makes me want to be there! Have a safe rest of trip -Ryane

  5. eric

     /  January 6, 2009

    hey there,
    sounds like you’re doing well. i really really enjoy reading about your travels, read the one about the racoon dogs and then i went to read a book where one of those bad dudes was the main character…. pretty cool, asking for young women, sake, and had huge testis. hope your holidays were swell over yonder. take care. eric

  6. lizette

     /  January 22, 2009

    hola cristen! i hope that by now my brother is safely in your arms. Aww…. he missed you! ands so do we:) Hope you guys have lots of fun!!!! keep in touch… so i can get my mother off my back. lol.

  7. Tracy Elkenaney

     /  February 15, 2009


    How’s your trip going? Really well, I hope. I know you’re getting close to your time in the Middle East and wanted to give you a phone number of Mahmoud’s sister-in-law, Summer. The number is 0112035530027.

    From Cairo: 035530027

    From Alexandria: 5530027

    Also, Mahmoud’s sister’s number is (Nora): 0112035565052

    If you get a chance, drop us an e-mail with approximate dates and we’ll make sure Summer is ready for your call.

    Hope all is going well :)


  8. JPM

     /  June 25, 2012

    Wow! Such adventures. Your India project and the Euro-bike journey look like they were incredible experiences. I came to read about your vegetarian / vegan tips and I’ll be back soon to look at more of your photos and stories. Btw, I think we were in India (and possibly Mumbai) at the same time… I was in Maharasthra for a year 2011-12 teaching Art and English.

  9. Elizabeth

     /  September 9, 2012

    If in Boquete, Panama, visit our restaurant Big Daddy’s Grill for Vegan Burgers, Organic Hydroponic Salads, Veggie Tacos. Also, Gluten Free Options. xoxoxo Mrs. Big Daddy

  10. Yara

     /  October 17, 2013

    Did you stop traveling and blogging?

  11. Hi! I didn’t stop traveling, but I have stopped blogging here for the time being. I do plan to revamp this site and get back to blogging eventually (I miss it!), but I work as a freelance writer these days and have a really hard time spending more time on the computer once work is over.

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