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Back in Perth, Australia

Nov 10 – 12

After the South WA trip, I spent the next few days with Blair at his house in Subiaco. He was the best host I could ask for and I ended up taking over his living room off and on for the next few weeks (well, that is when we weren’t going on road trips).

Since I arrived in Perth, I had been spending my spare minutes trying to find people to travel up to Ningaloo Reef with. I put more posts up on forums and at hostels and spent the next few days wandering around the city while I waited for plans to be made.

I took the train to Fremantle to meet up with some Couchsurfers at Little Creatures Brewery, a spacious bar and restaurant popular for its home brewed Pale Ale. It had a giant menu with delicious food (like pita bread with beetroot spread, chickpea curry, and many other vegan friendly treats). Little Creatures is located along the waterfront and looks a bit like a converted warehouse….although someone told me it used to be an alligator farm.

I found some vegan goodies from the health store near Blair’s house.

While shopping, I ran into a fellow couchsurfer doing his Red Cross fundraising.

I also got my 21-day Japan Rail Pass (which you can’t purchase once you get to Japan) and I said goodbye to my hiking shoes (which were old, muddy, and seriously hurting my feet).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any vegan hiking shoes in the few days I had to look, so I gave in and bought some leather ones. For those vegans reading this, I guess I’ll have to turn in my vegan card now. :(

On the vegan front, I ate at some great restaurants.

Blair and I gathered a group of folks to visit Annalakshmi, a restaurant in downtown Perth just behind the bell tower. With the best location in town and a beautiful view of the Swan River, you’d expect it to be a swanky, expensive, fine dining restaurant (It sure would be in Austin). But amazingly it’s a vegetarian Indian buffet and you “pay what you wish”. When I visited their Web site, I saw that Annalakshmi also offers cooking classes. If I was in town longer, I would definitely take them.

Another good place I found was this Hare Krishna Restaurant in Northbridge. I actually ate there twice. The first time, I got a big plastic container of food for $3. The second time I was served a few different curries, a savory pie, a salad, and some juice on a plate for $7 and I was told to get more if I wanted. I’m not sure how their food schedule works, but both times were good value for the money.

I also went to the Couchsurfing meetup they have every other Wednesday at the Brass Monkey, a large bar complex in Northbridge. I think it’s great that so many people come to these events (both people who have lived in Perth forever and people who just off the airplane from someplace random). It makes me want to be more involved in the Austin Couchsurfing group when I get back home.

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