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Bye Bye Perth, Australia

Nov 23 – 26

My second to last day in Perth was filled with boring things (like doing laundry, going to the chiropractor, and getting my hepatitis vaccinations).

But I also managed to fit some fun things in too. Since I missed Amy’s birthday party (because I was floating around in Rottnest flood), I made her cupcakes and a poem. I also gave her a flower I found in the street.

And I went out for beer with some friends.

Sometime during the trip up north, my computer decided to die. I thought my last day in Perth would probably be spent running around to computer stores trying to get it fixed…but Blair spent a lot of time working with it and he managed to bring it back to life! He even gave me a usb stick with the restore disk on it so I can fix it myself if it happens again. He also put Pimsleur Japanese lessons on my computer so I can hopefully learn a few words on the plane. So far I can say “hello” (konnichiwa), “thank you very much” (arigato gozaimas), “Nice to meet you” (hajimemashite), “I don’t speak Japanese” (Nihongo ga wakarimasen), “Do you understand English?” (Eigo ga wakarimas ka), “I can’t eat fish stock” (katsuo dashi wa taberemasen), and I can count to 10. I think it’s a good start.

During my last day in Perth, I met with Amy and she showed me all the plastic bag fabric she made. It looked amazing – kinda like lace. It turns out that Alivia and Cara (my first couchsurfing hosts in Perth) are planning to host a recycled plastic cocktail party in December, which they said was inspired by me, and I’m gonna miss it! Amy is going to make a fancy dress. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

I really wanted to revisit King’s Park before leaving Perth, but I didn’t think I’d have the time. So I was super happy that Amy suggested we go there. Blair met us there and I taught Amy how to crochet.

Mister goat found a few new friends – A kangaroo from Perth and a walrus from Peru. They had a picnic while we crocheted.

Amy and Blair were making fun of me because I tend to get the things I wish for. Maybe I manifest them somehow. During my trip in Western Australia, I wished to see whales and I did. I wished to see kangaroos and I did. I wished to see dolphins and echidnas and lizards and wild cats and foxes and rabbits and emus and eels…and I did. I wished to go on multiple trips – up north, down south, and to Rottnest Island…and I managed to find people who helped make that happen. And it all fit quite nicely within my limited time frame. I feel very lucky. The only thing I wished to see that I didn’t was a snake….but maybe that was a good thing.

When we were at King’s Park, I told Blair and Amy that I wanted to see a Kookabura. They were explaining what one looks like, then almost immediately after, I glanced up at the gum tree and there was one looking down at us. He didn’t laugh for us, but he did stay there for a while. Here’s the Kookabura song in case you don’t know it.

That night Blair and I stopped by Alivia and Cara’s house to drop off the leftover cupcakes.

Amy stopped by and gave me a present – some tea tree oil and a sweet card made out of fused plastic bags and pretty pictures of King’s Park (I have a picture, but haven’t uploaded it yet). I realized that all my 3 Perth host families were in the same room, so of course we had to take a group picture.

The next day, I made Blair breakfast tacos (with tvp chorizo, potatoes, peppers, and beans) for lunch and he drove me to the airport. I feel like I made so many friends here in Perth and it was sad to leave just as I was starting to learn my way around the place. I almost feel a little jealous of the travelers and couchsurfers who are staying in Australia for an extended period of time. It’s a really easy place to get stuck.

But…since I had such a short amount of time, I managed to use it well. Western Australia is a huge place and I saw way more than most people here get to see in a month. I feel lucky that I met so many wonderful people, was able to tag along on so many road trips, and that I was able to cover so much ground. I’ll definitely be back someday. And I hope some of the people I met with either visit me in Austin or meet up with me somewhere else in the world!

Next stop, Japan!


  • The crosswalks in Australia (and New Zeland) make really loud noises that sound like an old Atari game.

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  1. Hello beautiful girl – how is Japan treating you?

    I’ve just finally got around to reading this awesome page and it’s brought tears to my eyes. You were such a pleasure to have around and if it wasnt for the fact that I want you to have a million more fun adventures around the globe, I would have tied you up and kept you here!!

    So I’ve finally figured out how to get notified when you blog so will look forward to the next one as it happens. Hope you’ve got heaps more “lucky” stories to post – good things do happen to good people!!

    All the best and hope you like the photos from the “Recycled Plastic Cocktail Party”

    xxx Amy

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