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Polenta Sheese Pizza

I recently bought some Gouda Style Sheese from Rabbit Food Grocery (Austin’s vegan grocery store that I wrote about in this post). As an experiment to see how it would melt, I decided to make a polenta pizza. The Sheese didn’t get as goey and melty as Daiya cheese gets, but the pizza turned out [...]

Vegan Cook Zine to Benefit Sunny Day Farm Animal Sanctuary in Texas

I just bought this cook zine that benefits Sunny Day Farms, an Animal Sanctuary in La Coste, Texas. You can too by clicking this link. You’ll get a color copy mailed to your address and a digital pdf version as soon as you make the payment. Read this blog post by Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life to [...]

Cooking Fresh Pumpkin Pulp

Yay Halloween! Time for costumes and pumpkins and other fun things. This Halloween was especially fun and we hosted a pumpkin carving party at our place. Once the jackolanterns have been made, many people just roast the seeds and toss all the guts away.  This is an incredible waste because pumpkin innards are edible and delicious. [...]

Scary Vegan Finger Cookies!

Check out these vegan finger cookies my friend, Lilli, made for our Halloween Party. They’re made with homemade bread and almonds and I think they’re pretty amazing!

India – Plastic Bag Crochet Project

Not that I’ve been good about posting to this blog lately anyway, but now I’m officially taking a 2-month break. Why? I’ll be in India teaching people how to crochet with plastic bags! You can learn more about this project here: And follow up with me on my new blog: -Cristen

Off to India!

So just when I thought I wouldn’t win another contest…I did! And I’m going to India! I won a $1,000 travel scholarship though the Austin chapter of Hostelling International (if you visit their site and scroll to the bottom of the main page, you’ll see a little blurb about me). Anyway, this trip isn’t just [...]

My Book: Lela’s Traveling Socks

Some of you may remember, but before I started my big trip around the world…I wrote a post about the socks my friend Lela knitted for me. You can read it here. Well I took my socks with me on the trip and made it my mission to photograph my feet wherever I went. Then [...]

Blog Break: Leaving For India!

I know I haven’t been wonderful at posting to this blog lately anyway, but this is an official notice that I’ll be taking a temporary break from this blog. The reason is that I’m off to India. I’ll be in India for two months this summer teaching workshops on crocheting with plastic bags. For more [...]

Vegan Chicken Fried Steak

I depart for my RTW trip on Tuesday and I decided to have one last dinner gathering before I leave. The theme? Country dinner!! Miguel made biscuits and gravy. Kasia made rosemary mashed potatoes. And we had green beans, broccoli, grilled mushroom and onions, lemonade and orange juice. I’ve been wanting to make vegan chicken [...]

Vegan Biscuits and Gravy

Miguel makes delicious vegan biscuits and gravy. The vegan biscuit recipe that he used is from eHow. It’s important to remember that the margarine should be very cold when it’s combined with the dry ingredients (salt, baking powder, flour). The colder the margarine, the flakier the biscuits. For this reason, it’s best to combine the [...]

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