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India – Plastic Bag Crochet Project

Not that I’ve been good about posting to this blog lately anyway, but now I’m officially taking a 2-month break. Why? I’ll be in India teaching people how to crochet with plastic bags! You can learn more about this project here: And follow up with me on my new blog: -Cristen

Off to India!

So just when I thought I wouldn’t win another contest…I did! And I’m going to India! I won a $1,000 travel scholarship though the Austin chapter of Hostelling International (if you visit their site and scroll to the bottom of the main page, you’ll see a little blurb about me). Anyway, this trip isn’t just [...]

Blog Break: Leaving For India!

I know I haven’t been wonderful at posting to this blog lately anyway, but this is an official notice that I’ll be taking a temporary break from this blog. The reason is that I’m off to India. I’ll be in India for two months this summer teaching workshops on crocheting with plastic bags. For more [...]

My Most Recent Blog–Plastic Bag Crochet

Alright. I have three blogs now. Here they are: Tomorrow Friendly Food Blog (you’re here, so you already know the link) Sunday Dinner Potluck Blog What To Do with Plastic Bags?

See me at Maker Faire Austin!

I just found out that my proposal to be in the Austin Maker Faire (held by Make Magazine) was accepted. I reuse plastic bags to make koosies, backpacks, and other things. My next project, which I hope to have finished by the Faire, is a hammock. You can view flickr photos of some of my [...]

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