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See You in a Week

I’m taking a week long hiatus from the computer. There are two reasons why: 1.) I’m visiting my grandma in Pittsburgh. 2.) I spilled an entire glass of orange juice on my keyboard and it’s annoying to type (I have to punch the keys really hard!) Here are some fun carrot pictures to keep you [...]

New Growth

Well, the fall garden turned out pretty great all in all. It was my first one, so it’ll only get better from here. Here is an update on my plants and a summary of the things I learned along the way. Broccoli All the broccoli plants did amazingly well. The side florets also grew and [...]


Beets are beautiful. I especially like them when simmered in orange juice and ginger….but I also like them baked, canned, pickled, or pretty much any way. Shredding beets is fun too. Beets make me feel like a messy little kid who doesn’t care if the fingerpaint dies her hands for days and leaves a dark [...]


My little sprouts are all grown up! This was my first successful sprouting experience. I tried once before using a jar and cheesecloth, but I had trouble with it. It might have been because the seeds were old, but I’m not sure.  I got this seed sprouter for Christmas and so far I’ve had great [...]

My First Garden Broccoli

I picked the first broccoli from my garden today. Actually it was a little overdue. I held off a little longer than I should have because the idea of picking it made me kinda sad. After all that nurturing, I’d gotten quite attached to the little guy. Out of respect, my roommates and I had [...]


I just started growing wheatgrass. It’s very easy. Sprinkle some seeds in soil, keep it moist for 3-4 days, and you’ll have a fresh bed of wheatgrass. You can cut it once it gets to be about 7 inches tall. I noticed that the my seed package described wheatgrass as “Liquid Sunshine.” I decided to [...]

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are delicious, but expensive. It never occurred to me that I can make my own so easily. Well, the ones I make are actually oven roasted rather than sun-dried. While the sun drying process takes a couple of weeks, oven roasting only takes a few hours. I emailed my grandma for a tomato [...]

Garden Update

My garden has turned into quite a monster–especially now that we’ve been having so much rain. When I got home from vacation, I counted 22 ripe jalapenos on this one plant! The oregano is spreading all over the ground. The tomato plants are going crazy and crowding out all the other plants. I’ve had to [...]

Garden Update

This is for you, Stuart. Thanks for getting my garden started. I’ve been taking good care of it and everything is growing really well. The tomato plants are massive and I cut a bunch of bamboo poles to tie the branches up. You’ll notice that a lot of the food I’ve been making comes from [...]


We have this really large cactus in the front of our house. It grows amazingly fast and every now and then, we have to lop off some of the cactus pads because they block the walkway and spike people as they walk by. Instead of tossing these cactus pads (nopales), I like to eat them. [...]

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