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Euro Bike Trip – Notes From The Road

I’m not sure who’s actually going to want to read this really long post….but I finally typed up all the notes I took from our bike trip last summer and tried to document each day with photos. I like having the record of how far we went each day. And it’s fun to look back […]

Guest Post: 5 Vegetarian Festivals Around the World

Austin, Texas (my hometown) will soon be hosting its first vegetarian festival, the Texas VegFest. In light of this exciting upcoming event, which I will write about more in the near future, I’m excited to have this guest post from Matthew Nunn, detailing some of his favorite vegetarian festivals around the world. 5 Vegetarian Festivals […]

Vegan and Vegetarian Travel Tips

I recently wrote a guest post for Ashland Creek Press with 20 tips for vegan and vegetarian travel. The post had been divided into two parts (10 tips each) and I have posted the links below: Guest Post: Veggie Travel Tips, Part 1 Guest Post: Veggie Travel Tips, Part 2

Euro Bike Trip – Letters From The Road

The last blog post I wrote mentioned that I was going to spend the summer on a bike trip through the Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland with a good friend of mine. Well that trip ended a while ago and I’ve been back in Austin since October….but it doesn’t feel right moving on to write […]

Vegan Cycling Trip in Prague/Berlin/Poland

It’s been oh so long since I’ve actually written anything on this blog, reorganized my photos and pages, and fixed up the site design like I said I was going to months ago. But things keep coming up (fun things!) and all that will just have to wait a bit longer. The fun thing that […]

Compassion Over Killing’s Free Vegetarian Guide to Austin

Compassion Over Killing’s Vegetarian Guide to Austin has been updated and the second edition for Summer 2011 is now available. You can order a free copy here.

Interview on SavorMyLife.com

I recently featured in an interview with Benjy Portnoy on SavorMyLife.com. During the interview, I discussed tips on traveling alone as a woman, making new friends in other countries, and addressing controversial topics (like veganism, animal rights, environmental issues) without offending people. The complete interview can be found here.

Veg Travel Product Review – Parma!

I’m a huge fan of Nutritional Yeast. I sprinkle it on my popcorn and toast, cook it into sauces, and basically put it on almost everything I eat. I’m addicted to its nutty cheesy flavor (and the fact that it serves as a vegetarian source of vitamin B12 is an added bonus). I always make sure […]

The Intrepid Herbivore

Two folks from Portland, Oregon, Sadie (a vegan baker/cook) and Joe (a vegan filmmaker), are getting ready to go to Thailand to film the pilot episode of a travel show about vegan and vegetarian food! Since they’re doing all the production themselves, they are raising funds on Kickstarter. Visit their Kickstarter campaign to pledge a donation […]

Veg Travel Product Review – Tasty Bite

I don’t eat packaged food all that often. But those days that I’m camping, staying at a place with a limited kitchen, don’t want to be too intrusive in my couchsurfing host’s house, or just tired and/or lazy….it’s really great to have some instant meals that can be prepared within minutes and with basic utensils. The […]

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