Less is More, Right?

Here’s the deal: My RTW ticket gives me 39,000 miles, 15 flights, and 1 year of travel. Since it’s not likely that I’ll get 15 free flights ever again in my life, my thinking has been that I should use all my flights to maximize everything given to me (which I have done pretty well [...]

Change of Plans

Miguel got on the airplane this morning. The first time he tried to do that, we ended up postponing his flight instead. But this time…we had to say goodbye for real.

I was supposed to get on a flight tomorrow, but I just don’t really feel like it. Thailand is pretty great. Beautiful places, [...]

Austin to LA

Right now I’m in LA at my friend Addie’s house. She and her boyfriend, Pedro, picked me up from the airport and we went straight to Venice Beach.

We spent the day wandering around town (See my Los Angeles photos), eating at a place called The Bright Spot, photographing funny signs, and watching Jose Luis Sin [...]

Leaving Austin

My last day in Austin was a little stressful. It was one of those days where you make a large to-do list with things that have to be done by a certain time and in a particular order. Then no matter how hard you try to be as efficient as possible, something goes wrong [...]

More Itinerary Changes?

My tickets were issued!! I’ve never had so many tickets in my possession at one time - it’s kinda crazy. I didn’t realize they were going to send me paper tickets, so it’ll be fun lugging all these around and trying not to lose them! Actually, this isn’t even all my tickets. They have to [...]

Going Away Party - Photos

My going away party was tons of fun! Lots of people came out and we made vegan versions of food from every country I’ll be visiting. It was a great way to see everyone one more time before I leave. Here are some photos.

Going Away Party

The time of my departure is getting nearer (less than 2 weeks away!)

Everyone Needs Good Friends…and a Good Pair of Socks

My friend Lela knitted me some socks! They make me so happy. They’re warm, durable, and colorful - just like I like them. She always told me that you must really love someone if you make them socks because they take so long to make. Once you spend all this time making one sock, you [...]

Adjusting My Itinerary

I just got a notice from my travel agent asking me to inform him of any additional changes to my itinerary before he issues my tickets tomorrow. Since I haven’t even looked at my itinerary since I decided on it many months ago, I thought it might be a good idea to reevaluate it. I [...]

Wow - Leaving in 22 Days!

I’m starting to feel a little crazy lately.

I leave Austin in 22 days. I still have a pretty long list of things to do before I depart, so the next few weeks will be spent tying up all the lose ends, hanging out with friends and family, and mentally preparing myself for the fact that [...]