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Back and Ready to Write

OK. I’m back now and ready to write. Well, I’ve actually been back in Austin for a while…but am finally ready to work on this site again. You’ll notice a site design change and that I finally have RSS feeds up and running. And I’ll be adding posts, pages, and photo galleries in the coming [...]

Gooseberry Farm – Natural Building Internship

Here is an internship opportunity my friend sent me. It sounds cool, so I figured I’d post her description here: This is a flexible summer internship position at an ecovillage in Alabama called Gooseberry Farm. Basically it would entail living in a tent, helping in the vegetarian kitchen, garden, and natural building projects, and then [...] – Vote to Reduce Waste and Provide Low Income Families with Healthy Food

This is a deviation from my normal blog posts describing my adventures traveling the world, but I thought you all might want to read about it. My friend Daniel Perry entered the Dell Innovation Competition, where contestants must propose a creative plan to tackle a pressing social issue. The top 25 ideas voted for online [...]

Vala Bags

My friend Sarah recently recently returned from Panama. While she was there, she met a group of women artisans who live in an isolated jungle village and make these amazing bags woven from organic plant material. Since she met them, her goal has been to empower these women by helping them sell their bags. You [...]

Fun things I found

Here are 2 great things I randomly came across today. Yo Grow Girl Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Spice Guru

I like the this site: Spice Guru

Another article: Wolfgang Puck Adopts Animal Welfare Policy

Celebrity Chef Announces Strict Animal-Welfare Policy By KIM SEVERSON Published: March 22, 2007 Wolfgang Puck, the Los Angeles chef whose culinary empire ranges from celebrity dinners at Spago to a line of canned soups, said yesterday that he would use eggs and meat only from animals raised under strict humane standards. Some chefs refuse to [...]

Another Article: Smithfield Foods’ Animal Welfare Policy Change

Pork Producer Says It Plans to Give Pigs More Room By ALEXEI BARRIONUEVO Published: January 26, 2007 CHICAGO, Jan. 25 — The world’s largest pork processor said on Thursday that it would phase out confinement of pigs in individual gestation crates over the next decade, a move animal welfare advocates said would end one of [...]

Article: Burger King Shifts Policy on Animals

I just came across this article from the New York Times. While I don’t think Burger King’s new policy is a huge improvement (with only 2 percent of cage free eggs and 10 percent of pork not confined in crates), and while I don’t think this change is triggered by Burger King’s desire to “stay [...]

Food Industry Analysis

I just came across this link. It’s a nonprofit dedicated to helping people add vegetarian options to their menus. Although I don’t like the term “finicky teenagers” when refering to those who refrain from eating animal products, it looks like this program is a step in the right direction. There is no question that restaurants [...]

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