Everyone Needs Good Friends…and a Good Pair of Socks

My friend Lela knitted me some socks! They make me so happy. They’re warm, durable, and colorful - just like I like them. She always told me that you must really love someone if you make them socks because they take so long to make. Once you spend all this time making one sock, you feel satisfied because it’s finished, but then you still have to make another one exactly like it. Lela makes amazing stuff. When she gave me a pair of socks, I felt so loved.

I decided that just like everyone needs good friends, they also need a good pair of socks. Socks (and friends) should be comforting and dependable. They should not be boring, of low quality, or too hung up on being perfect. They should make you smile, provide support when needed, and accompany you on long journeys without making you miserable. And just like good friends, good socks are unique and hard to find.

I love all my friends and I’m going to miss them a whole bunch! Since I can’t take Lela around the world with me, I’m going to take these socks with me and photograph my feet wherever I go. That way she can feel like she’s traveling with me.

I’ve been wanting an excuse to wear my socks already but it’s been too hot here in Austin, Texas. Last night we had an unexpected cold spell, so I finally got to put them to good use. I’m also wearing them now as I type.

3 Responses to “Everyone Needs Good Friends…and a Good Pair of Socks”

  1. Awww! You made me cry! You of all people deserve a homemade pair of socks! I’m just excited that I’ll get to see my work in exotic countries. Enjoy your socks.

  2. I love your new socks!! You’ll need them in South Island, it can get quite cold there, though I was there in ( (July) the winter.

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