Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia

April 24 – 27

Photos of Kinabalu National Park can be viewed here.

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Kinabalu National Park

Hallelujah Retreat Center (can’t find link, but this is where I stayed. Best price of all accomodation near Kinabalu National Park. Can take public bus to park and walk about 1 mile to guesthouse).


Saw birders from Danum Valley but they were busy working, cheap guesthouse (Halleluyah retreat center) with dorm all to myself, spent hours photographing moths near the lights outside my room, singing in the morning and night, long hikes every day (but not up the mountain because didn’t book in advance), trails were confusing, got rides up to the top of the hill to do more trails, don’t have to pay admission each time if you walk into the park and act like you know what you’re doing, expensive accommodation and food inside (much cheaper outside park), world heritage site, politics of climing Mt. Kinabalu, foggy night with flashlight walking back to the place, sick of fried noodles, unsure about benefits of fogging (killing insects) and birding (scents and drawing attention to nests) for the sake of scientific research

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