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More Itinerary Changes?

My tickets were issued!! I’ve never had so many tickets in my possession at one time – it’s kinda crazy. I didn’t realize they were going to send me paper tickets, so it’ll be fun lugging all these around and trying not to lose them! Actually, this isn’t even all my tickets. They have to wait to issue some of the others until I start traveling. Then I’ll have even more to add to my large collection.

Unfortunately, now that my tickets have been issued…I’m thinking that I want to change a section of my itinerary. I just started looking into the visa requirements for China and I’m having second thoughts about going. It’s $130 (but only $30 for non Americans), I’ll have to pay about an extra $50 to go through a visa company since I won’t be able to apply for it in person from my embassy (mail applications are not acccepted), and I’ll have to pay at least another $50 to fedex my passport and application from either Christchurch, Perth, or Osaka and supply a prepaid envelope to have it sent back to me. This means I’ll be traveling without a passport for those few days and I’ll have to stress about it getting lost in the mail. With all the visas I already applied for that are stamped in it, losing my passport would be a huge hassle! Also, it’ll be cold when I get to China – freezing actually! So…maybe I should just rather skip it and go someplace easier.

Since my tickets have already been issued, I’ll have to pay now to change my destinations. But it still seems like the cost of changing my ticket will be less than the cost of getting my China visa while abroad. So, instead of China, I’m deciding between the following places:

Bali (Indonesia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Manilia (Philippines)

I’m not sure yet which one I’ll choose. Vietnam has always seemed like a fascinating place. I can apply for the visa at an embassy while abroad. I don’t need a visa if I visit the Philippines for less than 20 days. I also have an Internet acquaintance there, so maybe it would be fun to meet her. Indonesia obviously sounds amazing and I can get a visa on arrival.

hmmm….decisions, decisions..

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  1. Hmmmm..Id do Bali!
    I hear its amazing!…though the others on your list are sure to be amazing too..

    I was wondering if this tip could help you..
    when I have been on the go for long,I had with me a miniature
    electric kettle and a bowl.
    I found it relatively easy to find oatmeal and /or fine bulgur-cracked wheat(any other fine grain)
    which i could easily pour boiling water over and have a wholesome sustainable
    meal that is also cheap and also helpful when difficult to find appropriate food.
    (depending on what I found,to the oatmeal I added cinnamon,raisins or any other dried fruit,and to the bulgur I added salt,any other spice,and olive oil if possible)
    not to mention the possibility of herbal tea.

    I dont know if this helps,but
    To me personally this has literally saved my life and kept me going.
    to tell you the truth,
    I even got myself a hot water bottle(you know the one used to put on your tummy
    in the old days..) and slept hugging it on very cold nights when no sufficient heating was provided,not to mention how useful it is when you do have a tummy ache or any other ache
    for that matter..!

    Hope this has been helpful..

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