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Siem Reap, Cambodia

March 26 – March 31

*This is an unfinished blog post. There are some notes below, but I will fill in the details later. My folder of Siem Reap, Cambodia pics can be viewed here.


10 hr bus from Sihannoukville (2 parts – first to Phnom Penh, 1 hr wait, then another bus to Siem Reap). Met nice man on bus with adopted family from Cambodia.

Tuk tuk driver’s brother picked me up (disappointment because I thought I’d avoid getting a sketchy one by going with the brother of someone I know). But no. Tuk tuk driver prebooked my hotel and when I didn’t want to stay there, he threw a fit. Also wanted me to book a tour with him. I refused to do the tour and refused to pay him for the ride until he took me where I wanted to go.

I went to Naga Guesthouse. Nice people and recommended place, bike rental. But I got a crappy room (since I’m a cheapo and went for the absolute cheapest room possible). $2/night. Rats and bed bugs (?) Got locked out at night because door man fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up even though I was yelling at the door. Had to jump over the fence, which wasn’t a bit deal but amused people in the street.

Visited the singing Tree cafe. Women (Australian I think?) taught locals how to crochet with plastic bags and they sell their stuff at the cafe and at craft markets. I emailed her about starting a similar project in other parts of the world.

Other fun veggie restaurants

Saw lots of animals.


Big ants


crazy clouds of flying bugs


Rented bicycle so I could visit temples on my own without a tour guide. Got templed out after day 2, but bought 3-day pass. Well worth it though, so you can see things at your leisure. It was really nice to be on my own.

Baksei Cham Krong

Angkor Thom South Gate

Smushed-faced guards of Angkor Thom

Bayon – one of my favorite temples


East Mebon

Ta Prohm

Preah Khan

Terrace of the Leper King

Terrace of the Elephants

Angkok Wat

Went twice because first time too crowded with tour groups.

Phnom Bakheng to watch sunset

Full of monks trying to find tourists to practice English with.

People watching more fun than sunset watching.

Market with massaging fish. Ew.

Met a bunch of kids selling postcards and trinkets. Bought them fried rice. Little boy made me a picture of a strawberry with muscles.

Band I liked. Land mine victims.

So many more temples not listed yet. Will later.


up really early to catch flight to Malaysia.

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