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Two folks from Portland, Oregon, Sadie (a vegan baker/cook) and Joe (a vegan filmmaker), are getting ready to go to Thailand to film the pilot episode of a travel show about vegan and vegetarian food!

Since they’re doing all the production themselves, they are raising funds on Kickstarter. Visit their Kickstarter campaign to pledge a donation or help spread the word about their project. They have 18 days left to make their funding goal before the deadline!

More details about their project below:

Come forage with us in Thailand!

We are traveling to Thailand to film the pilot episode of a travel/cooking show geared toward the vegan/vegetarian traveler (literal or armchair).

This show will serve two purposes:
1. To be a field guide for the traveler who loves food but has dietary restrictions. We are vegans and we know the culinary delights of the world are deep and multitudinous–but can sometimes be hard to find if you don’t know how to look. NO MORE! We will venture into different regions of the world and investigate local produce and spices, visit restaurants and food vendors and learn about local specialties. We will also recommend places to eat and things to try and enroll in cooking classes to reach into the depths of indigenous vegan and vegetarian cuisine. We’ll also touch on how to navigate in the local language–with tips on asking for meal specifications, reading menus and ingredients lists, and general alimentary etiquette.

2. To show all you folks at home (whether you’re vegan, omnivorous, or anywhere in between) how to make the splendid dishes and treats we discover. We’ll be taking cooking classes from local chefs, touring vibrant markets and farms, and taking you along with us.

Eventually we want to create a companion series of guidebooks and build a comprehensive website with reviews, recommendations and all kinds of references for the vegan/vegetarian globetrotter–and truly celebrate the diversity of vegan food the world over. If the pilot episode from Thailand gets picked up, it will give us the opportunity to continue and we will film an ongoing series where we forage a different country or region in each delicious episode.

We are raising funds to go toward the pilot episode, to be used for travel expenses, recording equipment and post-production. The overall budget is expected to be about $6000, of which we are hoping to raise half on kickstarter. Oh, and we’ll spend some of it on food. 😉

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