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Travel Safety

Travel Safety:

Tips for Traveling Safely

Links for Safe Traveling:

Here are some links from the US State Department. They provide specific information about potential safety risks in certain areas. Honestly, I would take all these warnings with a grain of salt, because I think many of these documents are overstated. But basically, it’s a great idea to read over them so you’re aware of things to watch out for – just don’t cancel your travel plans because of them.

Travel Warnings – long term conditions that may make a region unstable or dangerous

Travel Alerts – short term conditions and events that may pose a risk to travelers (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, coups, anniversaries of terrorist events, elections, demonstrations, international conferences, regional sports events)

Country Specific Information – general information about each country (includes info about US embassies and consulates, immigration policies, health conditions, political disturbances, local currencies, exit/entry requirements, crime and security enforcement).

Tips for Traveling – general tips to make your travels easier and safer

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