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Veg Travel Product Review – Edward & Sons

Edward & Sons supplies a large variety of foods that are natural, organic, gluten free and vegetarian.

I recently had the pleasure of sampling some of their ready made products that are particularly good for travel. And while it has taken me a while to finally sit down and write about them, here it goes…


Back in November (during Thanksgiving weekend), some friends and I went on a camping trip to Enchanted Rock and it was the perfect place to test some of this stuff.

We had made a massive Thanksgiving feast the day before the trip, so we just packed all the leftovers into a cooler, brought along the pie iron, and whipped up some quick gravy seasoned with Edward & Sons Not-Chick’n bullion cubes.

The result was a tasty, crispy hot pocket covered in thick, yummy, gravy.



And because it was around 20 degrees outside, it was really great to have some packets of Edwards & Sons Miso-Cup instant soup. We all huddled around a campfire, boiled some water, and slurped the brothy soup mix happily. If I was in my own kitchen, I would have added extra tofu cubes and some veggies (hijiki or wakame would have been great), but since we had limited ingredients with us…the soup was warm and soothing as is.

This is the kind of stuff I never think to buy, but i’m always really excited when it’s around. Such a cold cold night made me realize how great it can be and I’ll probably make a point to bring it along on more camping trips. In fact, I actually have some stashed away in my travel/camping kit right now.

You can learn all about these Miso-Cup soup mixes here. Apparently they’ve been around since 1978!



The next day, we went hiking and I brought along some Gumi Bears (by another Edwards & Sons brand called Let’s Do…Organic). They are organically sweetened and colored by organic fruit and vegetable ingredients. And unlike most gummy snacks, which are made from gelatin, these ones are made from apple pectin.


Like I said, I took them hiking and gobbled them up. Yum, yum, yum.


I didn’t eat up everything while camping though. Some stuff I tried at home.

Edward & Sons also owns the brand Road’s End Organics, which makes organic and dairy-free pasta mixes. I sampled the Cheddar Style Shells & Chreese on a day that I was too lazy to cook dinner and I really liked it.



I ended up adding some nutritional yeast, black pepper, and chopped spinach to spruce it up a little bit. And with my leftovers, I mixed in some Ume Vinegar to add a little kick (and also just because I’m addicted to the stuff).


*I actually haven’t finished sampling some of the items I set out to review…so I will continue adding to this page as I review more Edward & Sons items (like the ones below). Stay tuned.



In the meantime, you can browse their product catalog, find some fun new products to try, and use their store locator to find the nearest place to buy them.

Their site also offers a large collection of recipes, which are organized by brand. And if you have your own recipe you want to share, you can submit it as well.

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