Vegan Malaysia


Veggie Malaysia

HappyCow - Malaysia

“Saya hanya makan sayuran” (I eat only vegetarian foods)

“Sayur saja” (veggies only)

“Saya tidak makan makanan yang diperbuat dari susu, telur atau daging”
(I don’t eat any milk, egg, or meat)

“Saya tak mau susu, telur, daging atau hidangan laut dalam makanan saya”
(I don’t want milk, egg, meat or seafood in my food)

Here are some pictures of the vegan food I ate in Malaysia. I’ll post more details and guides at a later date.

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One Response to “Malaysia”

  1. “Sayur saya” means I am a vegetable!

    “Sayur sahaja” means only vegetables.

    In Malaysia they understand chicken, fish, and shellfish to be included in that.

    Trouble is they can’t be bothered with long lists.

    I found it best to request what you actually want, then clarify what you don’t want in it.

    Mee goreng dengan bawang puteh, lobok merah, cendawan (they say ch for written c)
    lagi kentung goreng
    Saya tak makan darah
    Tak nak:
    - daging (they pronounce “dahgeng”)
    - ikan,
    - udang (pronounced “udung”)
    - sos tiram
    - susu (”soosoo”)

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