Beautiful girls are another advantage of Puerto Rico


Puerto Rican culture is a mixture of Spanish, African, and Native American traditions that have been significantly influenced by US culture. Puerto Ricans consider themselves Americans, but they always specify that they are “Puerto Rican” or “Boricuas,” and their homeland is Puerto Rico, not the United States. For most of them, “my country” does not mean the United States, but its own small island, and the word “Creole” usually means “all that is”: music, cuisine, language, art, people, religion, and other aspects.

The Caribbean girls are desperately proud of their island and its culture, sometimes even contrasting their traditions with what they consider to be the “poor” people of the North American continent.

Traveling to Puerto Rico, you can meet Latin bride listening to their folk music, played with maracas, guiro (dried pumpkin used as a percussion instrument), and Quattro (ten-string guitar).

Beautiful Puerto Rican womens and not only are known for their hospitality and are often very friendly towards strangers with a genuine interest in their island.

The greetings are usually cordial and sincere, and a properly arranged conversation often weighs even more in the eyes of the locals than a commercial benefit.

In everyday life, strangers are greeted here in a completely European way – with a handshake, but friends and well-known people always greet each other with a kiss on the cheek or a whole ritual of hugs and kisses (however, more often, this refers to a meeting between two women or between a man and a woman as kissing between men can cause a very mixed reaction).

Both when meeting and in the process of communication, much attention is paid to gestures, since body language and gestures are considered here an important element of conveying their thoughts (the gestures themselves are quite emotional, diverse, and very different from European ones, so a foreigner should not get carried away with it especially).
Puerto Rico is a great destination for a lonely traveler to meet his long-awaited Latin wife. Local girls are perfect for cozy family living. They are great mothers and loving wives.

While you could certainly spend months exploring every nook and cranny of this archipelago, Puerto Rico is so small that it’s also a great place for travelers with limited vacation time. During a weeklong road trip, you can explore historic cities, caves, mountains, rain forests, coffee plantations, salt flats, and lots and lots of beaches. The terrain is astoundingly varied for such a small land mass.