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Thai Phrases for Vegans

  • There are 2 ways to explain vegetarianism in Thai:
  1. jeh (vegetarian food with no animal products, but typically excludes garlic, onions, strong spices, and alcohol)
  2. mangsawirat (food with no meat, but could contain eggs)

Di chan kin jeh/mangsawirat (I eat only vegetarian foods - female)
Phom kin jeh/mangsawirat (I eat only vegetarian foods - male)
Di chan kin tae paak (I eat only vegetables - female)
Phom kin tae paak (I eat only vegetables - male)
Mai Kin _____ (I don’t eat ______)
karunaa mai sai _______ (please don’t use ________)
mai sai nam plah (no fish sauce)
mai sai plah reu kai (no fish or chicken)
mai sai kai (no egg)

Thai Non Vegetarian Food Items
Meat and Seafood (Aahaan thaleh):
kung (shrimp/prawns)
gai (chicken)
nua saat (beef)
moo (pork)
ped (duck)
plah (fish)
pu (crab)

nam plah (fish sauce)
nam man ho (oyster sauce)
kung kaeng (dried shrimp)
ka pi (shrimp paste)
Other Stuff:
khai (egg)
nom (milk)

Thai Vegetarian Food Items
Vegetables (Paak) and Fruits (Pom a ly)

hom (onion)
pumpkin (fak thawng)
pheuak (taro)
makheua thet (tomato)
thua phuu (angle bean)
mard jiin (bitter melon)
madkheua praw (brinjal, round eggplant)
thua fak yao (long bean)
kra jiap (ladyfingers, okra)
het (mushroom)
man farang (potato)
gluay (banana)
maphrao (coconut)
nawy naa (custard apple, July - Oct.)
thurian (durian)
farang (guava)
kha nun (jackfruit)
som (mandarin)
ma muang (mango)
mang khut (mangosteen, April - Sept.)
malakaw (papaya)
ma nao (lime)
laem yai (dragon’s eyes, July - Oct.)
gluay tod (fried bananas)
sap a rot (pineapple)
som (orange)
som oh (pomelo)
mafai (rambeh, April - May)
ngah (rambutan, July - Sept)
chum phuu (rose apple, April - July)
lamut (sopodilla, July - Sept)
taeng moh (watermelon)
Other Stuff:
kafae dam mai sai naam taan neu nom (black coffee without sugar or milk)
chaa rawn mai sai naam tann neu nom (black coffee without sugar or milk)
chaa dam yen (iced Thai tea with sugar only)
oh liang (iced coffee with sugar only)
khaow (rice)
khai suay (steamed white rice)
Khaaw daeng/khaaw man puu (red rice)
Khaaw niaow dam (black sticky rice)
khaow niaw (sticky rice)
tao hu (tofu)
tua li song (peanuts)
som tam (green papaya salad)
sen yai (thick rice noodles)
sen lek (thin rice noodles)
moon sen (glass noodles)
khao niaw daeng (sticky rice with coconut cream)
luuk taan cheuam (palm kernels in sweet syrup)
gluay buat chii (banana in coconut milk)
khaow tom maat (sticky rice and black beans stuffed with banana)
Kanom krok (coconut hotcakes)
Condiments, Herbs, and Seasonings:

phrik (chilli)
phrik thai (black pepper)
phrik phao (crushed red chillies)
ka ti (coconut milk, coconut extract)
phak chii (coriander, cilantro)
gar tee um (garlic)
man ow (lime)
bai ka phrao (holy basil)
naam phrik sii raachaa (Sri Racha sauce)
makhaam (tamarind)
naam som (vinegar)
naam taan (sugar)
kleua (salt)
phrik naam som (vinegar with chillies)
naam manao (lime juice)
ngaa (sesame)
bai hohraphaa (sweet basil)
ta kai (lemongrass)
khing (ginger)
naam see iu (soy sauce)
nam prik (hot chili sauce)
nam buay wan (sweet plum sauce)
nam preo wan (sweet and sour sauce)

Other Useful Food Words
naam (generic term for water, juice, sauce, etc.)
phet (spicy)
phet maak (very spicy)
tod (deep fried)
tom (boiled)
na/neng (steamed)
kaeng (curried)
op (baked)
phat (stir fried)
phat phet (stir fried with chili paste and sweet basil)
phat krathiam phrik thai (stir fried with garlic and black pepper)
phat khing (stir fried with ginger)

Here are some pictures of the vegan food I ate in Thailand. I’ll post more details and guides at a later date.

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  1. Check out Dokmai Garden Chiangmai! They have more than 600 plants in just 4 ha, and it is flat. The cool thing is that they describe the uses of the plants on aluminium signs, nowhere else in Thailand can you get this. They have more than 100 different vegetables and more than 100 different fruit plants. A very cool and relaxed environment, strolling buffaloes and chicken, no silly flower show but real knowledge from real workers and scientists.

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