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Travel Tools:

Veggieinchina.com iphone app designed to make it easier for vegetarians and vegans to find restaurants and order dishes in China. Learn more about the app and download it here.

Guides and Articles:

Vegetarian China

Vegetarianism in China

Vegetarian and Vegan Foods more Popular in China

Vegetarian and Vegan China for Travellers

Vegetarian Beijing (Chinese)

China for Veggie Travellers


Vegetarian Restaurants and Health Food Stores in China

Where to Eat Vegetarian Food in China?

Beijing Restaurants (Can modify search for vegetarian, vegan, organic options)

Forums, Wikis, Groups, and Events:

Vegan Social Club of Beijing


A Canadian in Beijing: Vegan in China, Part 1

The Joyful Vegan (founders of the Vegan Social Club of Beijing)

Travelling Vegan (Jari is a vegan who spent 2 years in China)


A Canadian in Beijing: Vegan Mandarin Language Survival Guide

Chinese Symbol for Vegan

IVU – Chinese Vegetarian Phrases (for Printing)

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  1. Carlos

     /  June 1, 2013

    Hello friends,

    Let me introduce us, we are a Spanish and Bolivian guys living in China, Beijing, and we both are vegans. After long time ago trying to make people know in China about veganism, some months ago we got the idea that the best way to share our ethical position would be trying to open a vegan restaurant here in Beijing. It is the reason why now we are contacting with you.

    Therefore, we are wondering if you could assist us with some information or contacts of possible vegan food suppliers here in China. We mainly would be interested to acquire vegan hamburguers, sausages, cheese, icecreams, etc. That is, a kind of vegan food easy to replace by the type of common animal dishes that people are used to eat.

    We already know many suppliers out of China, but we can not import from out side the country because otherwise we would need to pay a lot much money to open our restaurant, and unfortunately we can not afford it.

    So, the issue is, would be it posible you can send as the contact or information about some possible chinese suppliers of vegan food? In case you also can give us some recomendation about it of course we also would be very gratefull.

    Thanks in advance.

    Alfi and Carlos

  2. Erin@Tofilia.com

     /  January 5, 2014

    Lots of great resources here.
    And of course Happy Cow is a must, although I’ve had some problems running the android app in China.
    If you can read Chinese, the website (https://www.chinavegan.com/) has a ton of resources, including recipes.

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