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Restaurants, Stores, and Products:

Vegetarian Restaurants and Health Food Stores in Croatia

Vegetarian/Veg-Friendly Restaurants and Food Stores in Croatia

Veggie Restaurants in Croatia

Croatian White List – list of companies that don’t test on animals or use animal ingredients

Forums, Wikis, Groups, and Events:

Animal Friends Croatia


Vegetarian Bed and Breakfasts in Croatia

Ja sam vegetarijanac (I am a vegetarian – male)

Ja sam vegetarijanka (I am a vegetarian – female)

Ja sam strogi vegetarijanac (I am a strict vegetarian – male)

Ja sam strogi vegetarijanka (I am a strict vegetarian – female)

Ne jedem _____ (I dont’ eat _____)

Ne pijem mlijeko (I don’t drink milk)

Imate li nesto vegetarijansko? (Do you have a vegetarian dish?)

Da li u ovoj juhi ima mesa? (Is there any meat in this soup?)

Ne jedem nista kuhano na zivotinjskoj masnoci (I don’t eat anything cooked in animal fat

meso (meat)

piletinu (chicken)

ribu (fish)

maslac (butter)

sir (cheese)

jaja (eggs)

med (honey)

mlijeko (milk)

slanini (bacon)

salu (lard)

zivotinjskoj masnoci (animal fat)

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