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Guide to Vegan and Vegetarian Travel in India

Guides and Articles:

Vegetarianism in India

Indian Vegan

Restaurants and Stores:

Vegetarian Restaurants in India

Indian and International Vegetarian Restaurants


Joi.ito: Being Vegan in India





India Vegetarian/Vegan Holidays

Auroville – Sadhana Forest

Phrases for Vegans in India


Main shakahari hoon (I am a vegetarian)

Main shuddh shakahari hoon (I am a pure vegetarian)

Main maas-machhli nahin khata (I don’t eat meat – male)

Main mass-machhli nahin khati (I don’t eat meat – female)

Main sirf shakahari khata (I eat vegetarian food only – male)

Main sirf shakaharik hati huin (I eat vegetarian food only – female)

Kya ye shakahari bhojan hai? (Is it vegetarian food?)

makkhan (butter)

andee (eggs)

paneer (cheese)

masaaledaar (spicy)

sabzee (vegetables)


Njan sasyabhokkanu (I am a vegetarian)


naan saivam (I am a vegetarian)

naan saiva saappaadu-thaan saappiduven ( I eat only vegetarian food)

naan asaivam saapiduvathu illai (I don’t eat non-vegetarian food)

anan kaikari mathum sapuduven (I only eat vegetables)

naan mamisam saapiduvathu illai (I don’t eat meat)

naan _______ saapiduvathu illai (I don’t eat ______)

meen (fish)

kozhi (poultry)

muttai (eggs)

paai (milk)

Here are some pictures of the vegan food I ate in India. I’ll post more details and guides at a later date.

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