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Các quán ăn chay tại Hà Nội

Vietnamese Phrases for Vegans:

Tôi ãn chay [doy un chay] (I’m a vegetarian)

Com chay (vegetarian food)

Nhả hảng com chay [Nyả hảng] (vegetarian restaurant)

rau [rao] (vegetables)

trái cây (fruit)

khong co trung (no eggs)

khong co mi chinh / khong co bot ngot (no msg – North/South)

Tôi Không ăn thịt heo (I don’t eat pork)

Tôi Không ăn… (I don’t eat…)

thịt gà [tịt gà] (chicken)

thịt bò [tịt bàw] (beef)

cà [gah] (fish)

thịt heo [tịt hay-o] (pork)

xúc xích [sook seek] (sausage)

jambon [zhahm bawn] (ham)

phó mát [faw maht] (cheese)

trứng [cheung] (eggs)


dragon fruit


congee (rice porridge)

nuoc mam (fish paste)

mam tom (shrimp paste)

cua [koo-a] (crab)

tom [dohm] shrimp/prawns

oc [op] (snail)

muc [murk] (squid)

thit long [tit lom] (offal)

ech [ayk] (frog)

nuoc cham (fish sauce)

com (rice)

banh trang (rice paper)

banh cuon (rice rolls)

goi cuon chay [goy koon chay] (vegetarian rice paper rolls)

gao nep (sticky rice)

ca phe phin (vietnamese coffee)

ca phe den nong [ka fay den nom] (hot black coffee)

nuoc dua (chilled baby coconut)

nem rau (vegetable spring rolls)

banh trang (fresh spring rolls)

nem (crispy spring rolls)

sua dau nanh [sur-a dow nan] (soy milk)

cam vat (kam vut) [orange juice]

banh it nhan dau (ban it nyan dow) – banana leaf folded in triangle around sticky rice, beans and sugar

Vegetarian Vietnamese Recipes:

Playing With My Food – This blog has great Vietnamese recipes. Check out the vegan recipe section on the right side menu.

Here are some pictures of the vegan food I ate in Vietnam. I’ll post more details and guides at a later date.

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*Click here for a roundup of my blog posts about traveling in Vietnam.

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