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The following is a list of general travel resources for vegans and vegetarians worldwide. I hope you all will find it helpful.

Do you have any tips on how I can make my site better?  Any veggie travel links I’m missing? Advice is warmly welcomed!

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant Guides:

Happy Cow – Guide to vegetarian restaurants and health food stores around the world

VegDining – Guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world

VegGuide – Guide to vegan restaurants and grocers around the world

Vegetarian Restaurants.net – Guide to vegetarian restaurants and natural food stores around the world

Vegetarian Guides – Links related to eating vegetarian worldwide

Veggie Places – Search engine for vegetarian places and reviews around the world

VegEats – World veg*an restaurant guides

Suma Ching Hai – Long list of vegetarian restaurants and food suppliers

Vegan Backpacker: Vegan Travel Guide

Vegan and Vegetarian Language Guides:

Vegan Passport – Passport sized book with phrases for explaining your vegan diet in 56 languages (honestly, while the description of veganism is very thorough and I can certainly see how this would be useful in some situations…It tends to come across as arrogant when translated so literally into certain languages). I’d be interested to see how a person would react if they were handed this book.

Select Wisely – Printed cards explaining what you can’t eat. Great for people with food allergies, but would need to be customized for vegans. I think I’ll make some myself.)

HedWeb – Vegetarian phrases in other languages

IVU – Vegetarian phrases in other languages

*Tip – For sites in other languages, Babel Fish or Google Translate are great tools that allow you to translate a block of text or an entire Web page. (Sometimes the translations return some gibberish, but it’s better than nothing).

Vegan and Vegetarian Travel Sites:

Vegetarian/Vegan Festivals – International vegetarian and vegan festivals calendar

Green Earth Travel – Vegetarian travel agency

World Vegan Directory – Contacts and vegan groups for each country

International Vegetarian Union – Database of vegetarian organizations around the world. Also has restaurant guides and other vegan travel information

Vegetarian Vacations – vegetarian travel directory of veggie holidays worldwide

Vegetarianism in Specific Countries – Wikipedia article about world vegetarianism

ResponsibleTravel.com – Vegetarian and vegan holidays

Vegetarian Vacations – Vegetarian bed and breakfasts, travel agents, and tours

Vegetarians Abroad – List of guesthouses and hotels that cater to vegetarians

Vegan Traveller – Vegan destination guides with info about restaurants, hotels, and general tips

VRG (The Vegetarian Resource Group) – Links to vegetarian bed and breakfasts, camps, communities, and tours

Soystache – Scroll down to find a big list of vegetarian travel links

SERV – Society of ethical and religious vegetarians

The Veggie Bus – Experiences from a group of “hardcore” vegetarians traveling the world

Vegan and Vegetarian Travel Articles:

Vegan Backpacker – Vegan/Vegetarian Travel Tips

VRG – Questions about vegetarian travel and restaurants

VRG – What can vegetarians eat on airline flights?

Happy Cow – Air Travel: How To Get What You Want to Eat

Vegetarians in Paradise – Airline Vegetarian Meals

Glimpse.org – Top 5 Ways to Be a Respectful Vegetarian Abroad

VeganNosh – Vegan On The Go Part 1, Vegan On The Go Part 2

GORP – Vegetarian Hiking

PETA Prime – Vegan Dining on the Road

Vegan and Vegetarian Travel Groups & Meetups:

Vegan Around the World Network – Connect with other vegans and learn about local vegan movements around the world

VeganMeetupGroups – Meet fellow vegans near you!

Couchsurfing.org – Join Vegan/Vegetarian groups, get country-specific food tips, and connect with other like-minded travelers.

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  1. Chandra

     /  June 2, 2012

    I’m SCREWED! I have to go to Poschiavo, Switzerland for a gig for 2 weeks. While I eat fish (NO shellfish) ON OCCASION, my body does not respond well AT ALL to heavy starch meals and I don’t do dairy, which seems to be the main offerings in that area for folks who consider themselves “vegetarian.”

    Is there ANYONE OUT THERE who can give me some good ideas as how I’m going to survive in the region for 2 weeks. Even ONE meal of heavy starch typically does not fare well; I ABSOLUTELY cannot eat dairy, or even a steady diet of potatoes and wheat products.

    Do they EAT GREEN VEGETABLES over there? And, where can I get them. Even if I have to buy salad fixings at a local market, I’ll do that but I’m destined to be ILL if I attempt to fit in and eat what everyone else is eating.

    I leave for Poschiavo, Switzerland on June 9th. PLEASE ADVISE?

    I deeply appreciate any insight.

  2. Hi Chandra. I’ve never been to Switzerland, but I’ve been to Iceland and I managed just fine. You should be alright.
    Here are some tips I have for vegetarian travel in general: https://circleourearth.com/vegan-travel-tips/

    Did you check out happy cow for restaurants? https://www.happycow.net/europe/switzerland/
    You could also check on vegan around the world network to connect with other vegans from switzerland.

  3. Ashley

     /  September 16, 2015

    Great stuff. My blog is also dedicated to helping people explore the world and staying vegan while doing it. :)

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